Multi-Coloured Make-up Purse By Joanna Smith-Ryland

Multi-Coloured Make-up Purse Small Jewel Collection


This small Jewel make-up purse is perfect for your Handbag or Tote Bag. It has a matching zip to close. Use it for make-up, loose change, receipts, earrings and other jewellery. Each purse can be matched up with our bags to complete your travel set. By Joanna Smith-Ryland.


Small Multi-Coloured Make-Up Purse Jewel Collection

This small Multi-coloured Make-up Purse is perfect for your handbag or tote. Will match up with any of our other bags in the Jewel Collection.  Use it for make-up, loose change, receipts, jewellery and other necessities. It has a matching zip to close.  A great advantage of a Multi-coloured Make-up Purse is that you can pair it with many of your other handbags.  It looks lovely paired with any of our Jewel Collection Bags too.

Further Product Details

Size: H 10 cm x W 15 cm
Material: Cotton PVC coated

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Additional information

Weight 0.022 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 cm

Jewel, Multi-colour