Cosmetic Bag in Sea Jewel Blue By Joanna Smith-Ryland

Medium Cosmetic Bag Sea Jewel Collection


This Medium Sea Jewel Blue make-up purse is perfect for your Handbag or Tote Bag. It has a matching zip to close. Use it for make-up, loose change, receipts, earrings and other jewellery. Each purse can be matched up with our bags to complete your travel set. By Joanna Smith-Ryland.


Cosmetic Bag  In Sea Jewel Blue Jewel Collection

This Cosmetic Bag in Sea Jewel Blue from our Jewel Collection is perfect for your handbag or tote Bag.  Use it to carry your beauty supplies, loose change, receipts, jewellery or other necessities. It has a matching zip to close. The Cosmetic Bag can be matched up with our other Sea Jewel Blue Jewel Collection Bags to complete your travel set. This fashionable Cosmetic Bag is sure to be a favourite with any girl that loves a bit of bling!  If you’re looking for accessible luxury and an exclusive brand, then look no further!

Further Product Details

Medium Size: H 15 cm x W 21 cm
Material: Cotton PVC coated

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Additional information

Weight 0.037 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 cm

Blue Jewel, Multi-colour