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Story of Design – Three Collections

Cathedral Window Patchwork is a unique three-dimensional design created by folding layers of silk. After the silk squares have been folded and joined together a patch is placed over the join and a window is created reminiscent of a Cathedral Stained Glass window, hence, its name. The windows tell a different story with each new design. In The Big Cat Collection we use Leopard faux fur while in The Jewel Collection we have used multi-coloured silks embroidered with a jewel rhinestone at each star point. Multi-coloured pastel silks embroidered with flowers and butterflies create The Garden Collection.

In our shop there are three ranges to choose from, all available in either: The Big Cat Collection, The Garden Collection or The Jewel Collection. In addition, we have our unique JSR Green Logo design.

Silk and Leather

In this range there are three bags. A large Handbag, a Tote Bag and a Shoulder Purse, all fully lined in a matching patchwork cotton print. Each silk bag will have its own complimentary dust bag.

PVC and Leather

In this range there is a Rucksack and a Tote Bag, fully lined with a matching patchwork cotton print.

PVC and Canvas

In this range there is a Handbag, a Tote Bag, an Overnight/Baby Bag and a Festival Backpack, all fully lined. To complement all collections there is a small and medium PVC cosmetic purse that closes with a matching zip.

Choose your own style of bag from any of our unique collections, all made in England.

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